Dunnville Cruisers Car Club

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The Dunnville Cruisers Car Club would not be possible without the dedication of our club members, sponsors, donators, and all those who come out Saturday Nights.

Here's the Who's Who of Who We Are:

Terry Chambers has been the Club President for the past few years. Most of you know Terry, and he is a Walking, Talking Encyclopedia of the Automobile. Got a question? Chances are he knows the answer (or maybe he will just make something up!) Then there’s our Vice-President, DJ Dave Schmidt, who keeps the party going with good music (for the most part) and witty banter (if he doesn’t wander off to check out a really cool bike that just came in). Men are all the same.

The Club has a Tag Team filling the role of Secretary/Treasurer. The Dynamic Duo of Karen Chambers (Terry’s wife) and Patti Schmidt (Dave’s wife) keeps the Cruisers moving and motivated (they think we can’t be having fun if we are just standing around doing nothing!) You will usually find these two behind a table, a welcoming smile on their faces, trying to convince you to buy something. Women are all the same, too.

Next, the Guardians of the Gate, The Brothers McIntee, Bruce and Harry. Nobody gets in that ain’t supposed to get in. Luckily, everybody’s welcome, so that’s no problem. Then there’s that long tall chimney shaped fellow with the fire on top, Mel Dekker. Mel is the purveyor of the parking lot, ‘cause he can see over everybody else, so he can find whoever we are looking for the fastest. Conveniently, Mel also has two hollow legs, so keeps the grilling team very busy.

Speaking of Grill, we have our head cook, Bill (over 500 grilled: nobody killed) Mann. Everybody knows Bill, he is the Club Ambassador right across Southern Ontario. Terrific guy, but we’re not gonna give him any more white T-Shirts, and if you see him in one, you will know why.

Patti’s mom, Gail Smith, is our Food Bank connection. She gives us the list, and we try our best to fill it. You will often find Gail handing you a ticket, don’t worry, she’s not a cop! And sitting right next to Gail you will find one of our newest members, Kim. Kim and Jim Pyle joined the Club in 2014, and we didn’t know what we were missing!! Jim is always making us laugh, which makes the cruises fly by, and Kim can do math in her head!!!! We were so happy we could all put our cell phone calculators back in our pockets!!!!!!!

Lastly, we have two more couples, Jim & Liz Cranston, and Lee & Ann Atkinson, who can’t make it out very often due to family obligations. We miss them when they are not there, but we welcome them any time they can come. As we said at the start, we are 100% volunteering, and we know their hearts are in the right place.

We run the Saturday Night Cruises at Sobey’s for 25 weeks, from April to October. That may seem like a long time to keep a party going, but we hope to be doing it for many years to come. It is not nearly as long as the 27 weeks we don’t do it, as I am sure you will agree!

We also hope you will continue to join us and support us and party with us as much as you can, because we can’t have a party without you.