Dunnville Cruisers Car Club

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The Dunnville Cruisers Car Club is run out of Sobey's parking lot on Broad Street in Dunnville, Ontario.  We host car shows every Saturday night from 5:00PM - 8:00PM, weather permitting.  

For many years, the Town of Dunnville was the place to be for any Classic Car enthusiast on a summer Saturday Night.  The Dunnville Slowpokes have a rich and long history, all throughout the Automobile and Racing communities.  Their Saturday Night Cruises were legendary, and most of us attended every chance we could.  When the Slowpokes’ weekly cruises stopped, we lost the community which brought us all together to celebrate the Classic Ride.  

A few enthusiasts got together in 2008, and decided to start the weekly cruises again, just to get together and have some fun with our cars and catch up with everyone, and The Dunnville Cruisers Car Club was born.

The Sobey’s Saturday Night Cruises quickly became popular, and we realized we had been given a great opportunity. We could have a great party every Saturday Night with our friends, and at the same time we could support our own community.  So here we are years later, still having a party every Saturday Night the sun shines down on us.  

The Dunnville Cruisers Car Club is made up of a group of volunteers, all good friends and some family. Who else would you want to spend 25 Saturday nights every year, plus all day events, like the Airport Show, plus hours and hours of preparation and organization, except with really good friends and relatives?

At the same time, we have been able to make a difference in the lives of many people in our community.  100% of our Net Proceeds is donated to local charities, primarily the Dunnville Food Bank operated by The Salvation Army, and the #6 RCAF Museum at the Dunnville Airport.  All our time is donated to our events, and devoted to making those events as much fun as possible for everyone!